When you’ve cracked the message and got that polished to a shine, you need to know who you want to get it. I hear lots of people saying ‘Anybody’ or ‘Everybody’ – and I know of services and even products that do have a very wide application. The problem is that when your audience is so broad it’s almost impossible to ensure that they are listening to what you have to say.

Let me give you an example – a friend of mine met the man who would be her future husband and they were amazed to discover that they had identical cars. Same colour, same model, same year, same everything! However, after some discussion they found that they had bought their cars for very different reasons. Ray bought his because of the performance and what went on under the bonnet; Anne bought hers because it was red!

If the salesman had tried to sell Anne the car on its performance she wouldn’t have been interested and may very well have gone to look at other makes of car. If the salesman who Ray bought his from had tried to interest him in the colour, he wouldn’t have made the sale.

This salutory tale is a great example of the importance of knowing what your audience wants and then giving them that. It might be the same product or service, but the customer may want it for different reasons. That means that you now need to take your perfectly polished message and represent it for each niche audience you have so that it appeals to what they want!

Of course, that will lead nicely into tomorrow’s blog – about finding out what people want!
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