clients talking

The most valuable information your clients can give you is how whatever you do for them makes a difference.  This is one of the reasons I give people a 3-question formula for getting testimonials.  It’s:

  1. What did we do for you?
  2. What was it like working with us?
  3. What were the measurable outcomes as a result of what we did?

The first is important if you sell a wide range of services or products to provide the background.  The second is what most people want to tell you; the first thing that people complain about is the attitude of a member of staff! 

However, the gold is in the answer to question three. 

One of my clients asked their customer why they used their products and not a competitor’s.  They found it hard to pin it down, but eventually came up with ‘They’re not you!’

People buy people.  It doesn’t matter how big the organisation – it’s the relationships that make the difference. 

It’s the representative who realises that the customer has an emergency and is willing to do whatever it takes, regardless of whether it’s 9am on Monday or 5pm on Friday.

It’s the order clerk who remembers that the customer has had a recent big event and asks how it went.

It’s the business owner who is happy to drive 30 miles to fix a problem that has the customer tearing their hair out.

People make the difference – and we’re all people.  Even if you’re dealing with a huge corporation you’re talking to one person (sometimes two or three), but you can’t have a conversation with an organisation – only with a human being!

Good relationships go with the people involved, so, if your contact changes jobs, they’ll probably be in touch in their new role.  The downside is that if your contact leaves, you have to start over with someone new.  My hot tip is to ensure your current contact introduces you to one or two of their team, so you have more than one connection.

Your reputation is what creates repeat business, referrals, recommendations and positive feedback.  Don’t miss out on the gold.