After a post on Twitter yesterday I discovered I’d stirred up a nest of people who are equally irritated by others who use the wrong version of words like ‘lose’ (loose); compliment (complement); your (you’re); there (their and they’re) – and so on.

It seems that we are divided into two camps:

  • Camp one say “I don’t know what the fuss is about; you understood what I meant didn’t you?”
  • Camp two cry “I can’t believe you didn’t check. It doesn’t inspire me with confidence in your attention to detail and ability to understand what I really meant. It makes me wonder if the service you’re going to deliver to me is going to be equally slapdash!”
  • Are you beginning to see why some of us get over-excited when people write ‘stationary’ instead of ‘stationery’ and ‘discrete’ instead of ‘discreet’?

    It’s not just to do with being good at spelling – it’s to do with being professional. There are no excuses – I’m very good with words and I do make the occasional mistake (I am actually human); however, I’m not particularly good with numbers – so I hire a bookkeeper and an accountant. If you’re not good with words, hire a writer and/or a proofreader. Don’t just make an impact on your potential clients that says you can’t be bothered!

    And if you were reading yesterday’s Twitter word games:

    While ‘ghoti’ is pronounced ‘fish’ – blame George Bernard Shaw for this one!
    gh as in cough = f
    o as in women = i
    ti as in station = sh

    phtholognyrrh is pronounced Turner
    phth as in phthisic = t
    olo as in colonel = ur
    gn as in gnat = n
    yrrh as in myrrh = er
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