Testimonials are a great way to show your expertise off! A third party saying how good you are is so much better than saying it yourself. So it’s really good when someone gives you a testimonial that you can add to your marketing material and your web copy.

Do you collect them? And how?

Do you have really good testimonials? And do you know what makes a testimonial really powerful?

Part of your normal operation should be to ask your clients for feedback on what you do for them regularly and at times when you know they’re happy with what you’ve done. However, most people have no idea how to write a good testimonial and you end up with lots of notes like this:

‘Acme Widgets were really helpful and it was a real pleasure doing business with them.’

That’s not a testimonial – I call that ‘therapy’!

A testimonial answers these three questions:

1. What did we do for you? (to tell potential clients what sort of work you undertook)
2. What was it like working with us? (this is what most people want to say – it’s the warm and fuzzy bit)
3. What changed as a result of what we did for you? (this is the powerful bit – measurable results!)

Ask your clients to answer these three questions and give their permission for you to use it and you’ll have some very powerful marketing messages to add to your web copy.

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