LinkedIn as a lead generator

Turn LinkedIn into a sales funnel

LinkedIn is a powerful platform if you’re selling to other businesses.  If you follow this programme step-by-step by the end you’ll already be using LinkedIn effectively to generate leads for your business.

The programme features 9 modules – each with a simple assignment.

Modules are short 10-15 minutes – and the assignments shouldn’t take you more than an hour max (some of them just a few minutes).

These are the modules:

  1. Presenting yourself professionally
  2. Optimising your experience
  3. Your summary
  4. Managing your contacts
  5. Searching for your ideal customers
  6. Groups and adding value
  7. Relationship building strategies
  8. Building your press list
  9. Maintaining your activity

Each video module comes with comprehensive notes you can download so you have clear directions to follow.

Start now and be a LinkedIn expert in just a couple of weeks!

This programme is ONLY £47