rave iconI created the RAVE acronym to help people to see the value of promoting their company – here are 12 tips to build your RAVE factor


  1. Check your online security – Facebook privacy settings, notifications from your various platforms and change passwords regularly.
  2. Share testimonials that you’re given.  Thank the giver and repay their generosity by sharing their social media posts and commenting on their blogs, but also post the comments on your website and link on social media.
  3. Post information that will help others, don’t hold back – get known as a knowledgeable and generous person online.


  1. Get published in the journals and online forums your target audience reads.  Link up with the press (LinkedIn is a good place to start) and offer relevant articles to editors of industry magazines.
  2. Give tips via Twitter, your company pages on LinkedIn, Google+ and Facebook and in your blogs.
  3. Comment on relevant current affairs – your opinion is what will make you an authority and someone that others will search out when they want specialist input.


  1. Post daily on your chosen social media.  If you’re busy have a bank of good quality value-based information you can schedule to maintain your profile.
  2. Be responsive – don’t just broadcast, get involved.  Respond to comments and ask questions to get engagement.
  3. Talk to people who post on your pages or in groups where your target audience hang out.  Be willing to share and support, if you’re not visible people forget you exist.


  1. Blog regularly – daily is great, weekly is good, fortnightly is a minimum.  Use your blog to share your knowledge to help others.
  2. Post articles where you can – on LinkedIn, on relevant article sites, in online and offline journals.
  3. Help people wherever you can, whether that’s in a group you belong to or on a platform like Quora (where people post questions looking for help).  The more opportunities you have to ‘show off’ your expertise, the better.  You’ll turn up in more searches for your expertise.

Follow the RAVE formula and you’ll find you get known better and better with the people who matter for what you do.