SniperThe challenge for most small business owners (and some big ones) is that they have only a hazy idea of what their perfect customer looks like.  Here are my tips to get your marketing targeted with laser accuracy.

  1. Think of your best ever client – the one that loved everything you did and that you loved working for – and describe them in detail.  This should give you a good place to start.
  2. Identify the type of company, size, number of staff, annual turnover, geographical location, ethos, values and beliefs, job title of the person you want to be working with.
  3. Find out where that person networks, online and offline.  What groups do they go to?  Where are they active online?
  4. If they don’t network anywhere, invite them to somewhere you go that would be appropriate to them – and explain why you think it would be a good forum for them to be in.
  5. Show your expertise in their online groups by offering help, not just to them, but to the whole group, by answering questions, suggesting solutions etc.
  6. Get introduced by a mutual connection.
  7. Offer to do a 10 minute presentation at a networking group you both attend.
  8. Ask if they’d like to have a 1-2-1 so you can get to know each others’ businesses better.
  9. Ask good questions – that show a real interest in their business and their challenges.
  10. Check out what they read professionally – get articles published in their most read publications.
  11. Don’t sell at them.
  12. Try to connect them with other useful people you know.
  13. Ask them what you can do for them.

If you have more than one niche then repeat the process with each niche.  You’ll find that this approach takes time, but has a much more targeted marketing focus than simply spreading yourself around everywhere.  It also means that you’ll end up talking to more perfect clients, rather than a lot of unsuitable prospects!