1. Forget all about what you want to tell everyone about your business! Find out what your clients and potential clients biggest problems are and write about those – in terms of how your product or service can solve them, of course.

2. Don’t waffle! Keep sentences and paragraphs short – I was always taught one thought per sentence and one idea per paragraph.

3. Use carrot dangling techniques! Tell your reader how good life will be for them with your product or service in place. Get them to imagine already having it.

4. People buy on emotional triggers; the ‘what’s in it for me’ element of your products/services. So, yes, tell them what it is; and also tell them what it does (briefly), but major on how they’ll feel.

5. Don’t expect them to work hard to find out more – or to work out what to do next. Tell them what action to take next and make it easy for them – so put the phone number right after ‘call us now’, make the instruction a hyperlink to the page you want them to go to.
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