ImprovementLogging in daily isn’t enough to count as active – it’s better than doing nothing except responding to the occasional LinkedIn email, but just looking is definitely more passive than active.

If you want to transform your activity on LinkedIn follow these tips:

Don’t just read the home page posts

  • Comment
  • Question
  • Recommend
  • Connect with someone (LinkedIn offers people it thinks you might know in the Home page feed)
  • Post something yourself, a question or share your latest blog post or an interesting blog you’ve read.

Time 3-4 minutes

Don’t just look at your profile (it’s not going to change by looking)

  • Click on the ‘Who’s viewed your profile’ link and connect up with people who you’re not already connected to. For non-Premium account holders this might only be 2-3 people, but it’s better than not connecting!
  • See if the content could be improved – OK, this is an occasional job rather than a daily one, but keep your eye on the ball, it’s easy to let it slip and updated content figures better than content that hasn’t changed for months.
  • Check your endorsements list isn’t getting out of hand (see yesterday’s blog for more on this)
  • Thank people for recommendations

Time 5-10 minutes – but probably only needs doing weekly.

Don’t just accept connection requests

  • Tag them so they’re in an appropriate group
  • Send them a friendly message to open the conversation (relationships are not based on just a connection)
  • Look for people who fit your ideal client profile and get connected.

Time 5 minutes or less.

Don’t join another group

  • Choose the groups where your ideal clients hang out
  • Visit a handful (that’s no more than 5-6) regularly – ideally weekly as a minimum – and see how you can help people
  • Share your expertise
  • Post material that will be of value to the members of the group

Time 5-10 minutes per group.

Don’t only read other people’s posts

  • Write articles to post on your profile
  • Include images to give them life and energy
  • Aim to share content of value

Time, this will take longer as you will need to write and resource suitable images – but aim to add at least one post a month, make it part of your marketing activity.  Maybe one hour per month if you’re not a quick writer.

This will get you started, but if you want to make LinkedIn work harder to promote your business join us on one of our LinkedIn Free Strategy sessions or sign up for this step-by-step webinar series to get some ideas that will turn LinkedIn into a Lead Generator.