media on air

When it comes to getting noticed you need to be media savvy and get the attention of the people who can get you into print (or broadcast).  Here are a few tips to help you make the right connections.

1: Search Twitter for #journorequest 

When freelancers are looking for content for articles they’re writing they often use this to resource potential experts.

2: Search LinkedIn for the publications you’d like to feature in 

There are loads of journalists and editors on LinkedIn and building relationships with them is a great way to open the door for being featured.

3: Make friends with your local radio station

Local radio stations are always looking for good interviews, if you have something worth saying or an unusual take on something you’ve got a good chance of getting on.  For the smaller local stations you may even be offered a regular slot if you can talk about your pet subject in an entertaining way.

Remember that your local BBC station is where the national news and magazine programmes look for interesting topics.

4: Know where you want to be featured

Put together your ideal publications list and get on the phone.  Talk to the relevant editor and find out what they’re looking for.  You’re far more likely to get published than submitting a random press release to dozens of publications.

5: Sign up to an online PR service

There are dozens of PR sites where you can submit your press releases.  Here’s a list of some of them.  There’s no guarantee that your press release will be picked up, but the better written and the more interesting it is, the better chance you have.

Although many of these sites are based in the US – that doesn’t mean they’re not used by the worldwide press.  Some are subject to a subscription.

6. Register as an expert source

There are sites where you can register as an expert – for an annual subscription – to put you in front of a variety of media.  One of the best known in the UK is Expert Sources.

7. Stay in touch with your industry leaders

Follow the influencers in your industry.  Keep in touch with what they’re saying – connect with them on social media.  The more informed and well-connected you are the more opportunities will come up.  It’s all about who you know!