If you know that content is important, but sitting down to write a blog results in a visit to the coffee machine, a couple of biscuits (or popping out for a bar of chocolate/doughnut/your-choice-of snack-here), a bit of filing, a non-urgent phone call, replying to a handful of emails – and other delaying tactics, read on!

Not knowing what to write about is the biggest block to writing a regular blog.

First here are my top three tips:

  1. Prepare for your blog writing session
  2. Put it in your diary every month
  3. Write more than one article at a time

And to get you started here are things you can write about:

  1. Answer a question that your clients (or people you meet networking) often ask.
  2. Feature a testimonial you’ve had from a client – as part of a case study
    • What the brief was
    • What the solution was
    • What the outcome (measurables) were
    • What the client said.
  3. Describe a problem and how people can solve it (with a footnote that you can help).
  4. Explain how to … something you help your clients with.
  5. Create a checklist and explain why each item is important.
  6. Highlight the 3 (or another number) biggest mistakes people make in your specialism – and how to avoid them.
  7. Search online for the latest news on your core subject and discuss that, with your opinion.
  8. Feature a quote from someone whose name is known and comment on why their words are important. This can be a quotation that’s frequently used or something someone has recently been quoted as saying in the media, as long as it’s relevant to your business.
  9. Put together a list of your tops tips – it can be any number from 3 to 103!

These articles can be written, recorded as a podcast or even created as video material – whichever you feel most comfortable with. 

The plus is that each of these strategies can be used again and again, each with a different focus.

Happy scribbling!