I mentioned the words ‘current economic climate’ on Twitter recently and got a flurry of positive responses along the lines of ‘I refuse to participate in a recession’; ‘What recession?’; ‘I’m busier than ever,’ and so on.

I think that’s great – and you’ve also probably heard the one about ‘The people who market during a recession are several steps ahead of everyone else when the economy improves’. All this has seeds of truth – and certainly I’m not less busy at present, my clients are still asking for web copy, promotional material, articles and blogs. However, I was reading Gihan Perera’s newsletter the other day and he made an excellent point.

Even if you are doing well, some of your clients will be feeling the pinch – and some, frankly, struggling. Their focus has changed – they are less likely to be looking at the long term issues, they’re much more interested in the quick results department.

As a writer this means that they are looking for flyers to get sales rather than brochures for the longer term promotion. They want web copy that delivers customers, not lots of nice informational stuff (and quite right too). They want articles, blogs and newsletters that tell people they’re the best, they’re experts and they’re well-known – to generate leads.

How has the focus for your client’s business changed? And what have you done about it?
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