I am not apologising for another blog about writing copy that has focus.  It seems there are zillions of website owners who still have not got the message, so it’s obviously needed!

Any commercial document – whether virtual or real – needs to have a purpose.  Once the purpose is established it should be written with that purpose in mind – to get action.  If the purpose is to get readers connected to your company, then it needs to say whatever is needed to help the readers feel positive about taking the action of making that connection.

It’s no good saying ‘I want more leads from my website’ and then writing lots of copy that is:

  • Ineffective – such as ‘welcome to our website’
  • Waffle – rambling on about the minutiae of your company
  • Confusing – lots of headlines, too many options, no point of focus
  • Unattractive – nothing that targets the reader’s needs
  • Inwardly focused – all about you, not about your reader (change ‘we’ for ‘you’)
  • Doesn’t ask for what you want – if you don’t ask, you don’t get.
It’s essential that every word on your website, brochure, marketing flyers and other material is written with that focus in mind.  What do you want the reader to do?  How will you get their attention and keep it long enough for them to take action?

I know many people who say ‘I can write my own copy’, but few who really understand how to write good commercial copy that targets the reader.

I know many people who are prepared to pay several hundred pounds for a website to be designed and developed, but are not prepared to invest in professionally written copy that makes the website work for them.

I know many people who pride themselves on their customer service, but can’t tell me what their customers really want.

Communication with focus is an art and one that pays you back for your investment.  It really isn’t worth skimping on, it does make a difference.


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