This isn’t about web copy – but it is about readability and it uses some of the same ‘rules’.

There are many different varieties of flyer; there’s the letter/A4 sized sheet, the A5 (half letter size), the trifold, the DL (compliments slip size); the postcard – and many others. Today I’m going to talk about content – and tomorrow about where the content needs to go.

  • No matter what size of flyer you’re creating you need a headline that tells your reader ‘this needs to be read’ – so it must have energy and urgency.
  • You need to state your key message in terms of ‘what’s in it for me’.
  • You must include some means of contacting you – but, if space is at a premium decide how you’d prefer people to contact you – phone, email, post and include the essential details – you don’t need to include your address unless you actually want visitors.
  • Putting a website address in is a really good idea – it enables people to check you out and, if you’ve got compelling copy on your website, it gives you a second chance to persuade people.
  • Think about what a typical customer would WANT to know and tell them that – not all the things you want to say; we’re all over-enthusiastic about our businesses and often try to tell people a lot of information that doesn’t really interest them.
  • If at all possible, offer them something. This could be a discount, a free report or consultation, a 2 for 1 or buy 2 get a lower price deal. People keep flyers that contain something valuable.
  • Finally, when you’ve assembled those pieces of information – don’t be tempted to fill space with additional information! Stop right there!

    Read the next blog to find out how to assemble the various types of flyer so the key information is in the right places.
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