There’s one subject that we can all be guaranteed to know about in great detail – ourselves!  If you’re a business owner then the extension to that is your business – you know everything there is to know about it, especially if you started it from scratch.

You’d think that knowing the details would make writing about a subject comparitively easy, but my experience is that simply isn’t true.  When you know everything it’s really difficult to choose what your target reader wants to know – and be ruthless about the rest.

Anyone with a business is usually bursting with passion about their subject and most of us are justifiably proud of our achievements in life.  The problem is that, as a reader of your material, I probably don’t want to know the detail.   Be honest, when you go to a website do you want to know exactly how the company carries out its operations?  No, I thought not!

When you’re proud of your business or your achievements and you enter awards – be careful what you write in response to their questions.  Every time you put a full stop go back and read the question – does the sentence you’ve just written answer the question?  If not, delete it.  It’s tough, but more people don’t achieve well-deserved awards simply because they haven’t answered the questions that were asked.

So, do you know too much – and does that mean your website and marketing material need some editing?