You may have heard the quotation ‘You never get a second chance to make a first impression’.  It’s not just a clever phrase, it’s very true.  In a world where information is thrown at us in a constant deluge on social media, it’s doubly true.  That amazing first impression is what gets your followers, likes and even comments.

If you are on more than one social platform generating great content can be overwhelming, so pick the platform where your audience hang out and get really good at that first.  One step at a time!

5 Top tips to getting your social right

1: Take the time to write a great bio

Your bio is how people discover more about who you are and what is important to you.  If you’re posting to attract a specific audience, think carefully about what they really want.  Be you, but don’t get off the point.  It may sound brutal, but unless you’re promoting pet services/products, they don’t care if you love your dog or cat.  Stay focused on why you’re passionate about what you do (to earn your living).

2: Look friendly and approachable

A headshot is essential – and it should be just a headshot.  Your avatar tends to be so small that anything more just looks like a few smudges.  Even if you’re a fitness trainer and want to show off your guns, they won’t be able to see them properly on a tiny portrait beside your post.  What people are looking for is a smile that makes you look like someone they can relate to.

Ideally get a professional to do your headshots, but even if you choose one someone has snapped, be aware of the background and ensure that there isn’t anyone else in the shot – not even an elbow or an ear!  If you want to clean up the background, use a background remover (e.g. and put your image on a coloured background (try using

3: Add a link that takes them to the right web page

Your bio link doesn’t have to go to your home page – it can go to a page where people can download a freebie (and get on your list) or to a specific promotion or offer.

Even if you can only have one link – or only in your bio (like Instagram), think about what you want people to do when they click that link – and ensure the landing page works hard for you.

4: Create a style

This works particularly well if you’re posting images or videos.  Create a style that you apply to all your posts, to make them recognisable as yours.  This might be a particular colour for the background or a border, or a style of post, experiment with one post and try different approaches, until you find something that you love and is authentically ‘you’.

5: It’s a two-way street

Social media isn’t the same as broadcast media.  Newspapers, TV, radio, podcasts, blogs are all broadcast media.  In other ways, the message is going out to consumers.  Social media opens the door for conversations – which is why you can comment, like and otherwise interact with what other people post.

While you want other people to engage with your posts, you’ll get better engagement if you have time scheduled to follow and engage with other people.  If people comment on your post, respond or at least like their comments.  If you follow other people take a moment to comment and like their posts (tip: comment first, then like – the algorithms like that better).  Share posts that are relevant to your audience so you become the curator for great content around your area of specialism.


It can become a full-time job to keep up with consistent social media interaction, so schedule time to do it.  If you develop a 15 minute ‘habit’ twice a day, you’ll be surprised what you can achieve.