If you’re running a business having a Facebook Page is de rigeur! There are some people who will tell you that, if you’re selling to other businesses, you’re better off on LinkedIn – and there is some sense in that. But don’t overlook the value of Facebook.

These are just some of the ways you can use Facebook to help your business:

Get attention

It may not appear to be your marketplace, but everyone works somewhere and you never know who will spot your ad and take a closer look, especially if you’ve got the demographics for your ad properly targeted.

Find new talent

It’s an excellent recruitment tool. A short ad that leads to something more in-depth on your website is a great way to ensure that you get good matches. Often the online job boards generate hundreds of applications, many of which couldn’t do the job. The right words in an ad, coupled with a comprehensive job description and requirements, gets fewer applications, but much better matches.

Resource suppliers

It’s also a good place to find suppliers and unusual gifts for your clients or items to take your events up a gear. There are businesses offering all kinds of goods and services, anything from flowers to fountain pens.

Customer service forum

It’s a wonderful customer support tool. If your customers know they can talk to you directly on your Facebook Page then you’ll find you start to build a community. People give you good reviews to enhance your credibility and, if you get the occasional disgruntled person, you have the ability to discuss their problem and respond positively. The stats say that a customer with a problem that is solved is more loyal than one who has never had a problem!


It can be used for market research. If you’re thinking of launching a new product, you can run a poll and get feedback from your target audience on whether it’s something they’d like.

Tips to get it right

Ensure someone monitors the Page daily.

Respond to comments promptly – even if you don’t have an instant answer, ensure you let people know you’re on it, not ignoring them.

Have clear audience demographics for any ads you run so you get the right people’s attention.

Aim to create a community so people feel they can talk to you.

Deliver value rather than just promoting your business.

Be human.

Facebook is a powerful tool – use it to help your business grow and gain a great reputation.