When you create a website you are usually hoping that people will be interested in your products or services and, eventually, part with their money to buy what you’ve got.

So, who are the people that you want to make those purchases?

Please don’t tell me ‘everybody’!

If you deliver a specific item or service you should know what your target market is. For instance, if you sell left-handed scissors, you’re not interested in selling them to right-handed people. If I’m hearing all you left-handed people saying “My Mum/husband/daughter could buy me a pair as a present,” I know that – but your target market is left-handed people – and those people who are present-buying will know to look at places where there are items for left-handed people.

So, what you need to present is the information that your specific target group will be looking for.

If your product or service is suitable for lots of people in many different niches – pick one niche and write for them. When you’ve got that cracked, choose another niche; create another ‘home’ page for that niche and you’ll find that you can bring people to your website based on their specific set of needs and wants.

Trying to write one page that targets financial advisors, horse racing aficionados and computer programmers is impossible – but they all buy products in common (office supplies, computer hardware) and, potentially, they could all be in the market for the same service (coaching, VA services) you just wouldn’t present those products and services in the same way.

Get focused, aim and then fire – your chances of hitting the target are much greater when you can see it!
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