The trouble with the internet is that there is so much information out there it can be difficult to decide where to start.  If you just type in a search word the deluge of information can send you running for cover!  So how do you find things out – and know that they’re good value and helpful?

I used to have a blog feed – but I simply couldn’t keep up with all the blogs that were generated and found that even blogs by people who I rate weren’t all the pearls of wisdom I needed to help me on my life journey.  Soon I stopped reading my blog feed – just too much to handle!

However, I have found that Twitter is a treasure trove.

Actually, I look at Twitter on Hootsuite as that allows me to get my Twitter feeds organised and I can see specific groups or keyword messages.  For the purposes of learning I tend to scan down the last 40-50 messages on the home feed and interact with those I find interesting.  This might be commenting, asking a question or reading a link.

Links to blogs, tools, videos and information sites can often be found in the tweets and, providing there is a short explanation of what the link is about, I often read 2-3 items during my Twitter scan.  I’ve learned some really useful stuff this way and bookmarked pages I want to revisit.

One word of caution – never click a link if there’s no indication of what it might be about – even if it’s from someone you know.  There’s a lot of account hijacking going on and this is a common way to do it.

Of course, this is not a one way street and I also use Twitter to share stuff I find useful.  We all have information sources that we rate and, today’s world works on the principle of sharing, so don’t be shy, get it out there for your followers to enjoy too.