When you’ve gone to the trouble of getting a website set up,invested your money in it and probably gone through a certain amount of pain to create the web copy that goes on each page, you want people to stay on it and take action to either buy something or to contact you.

The problem with many websites is that, whilst they may look attractive, they don’t keep people on the site. I’ve had many clients who say “My site is on the first page of Google, I get lots of visitors, but I’m not getting many people contact me.”

So what’s the problem? It’s usually because the web copy doesn’t hold them – and that can be for two reasons:

1. The web copy isn’t good enough and doesn’t interest them. It doesn’t connect with them quickly and doesn’t tell them what they wanted to know.

2. The way the web copy is presented to the reader isn’t easy for them to read. The message may be in the wrong place, the wrong size of font or presented in a way that makes the eyes work very hard to read the words.

The solution to problem one is to work with a web copywriter who really understands the web and how people use it. There are plenty of good copywriters out there, but not all of them really write web copy that connects with the reader.

The solution to problem two is harder to resolve. Very, very few designers have studied web readability. The design and the words must work together and understanding HOW people read, especially web copy, is critical.

Download the report on readability and send it to your web designer or consultant – or ask them to talk to me, I’m always happy to help people to improve websites so that visitors stay put!
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