If you just ramble about a variety of subjects on a business blog, people will get confused and lose interest. Have a clear purpose for your blog; is it chat, opinion, raising profile, keyword focused?

An easy way to create content for people who struggle to write is to create a series of tips, use them on Twitter then extend them into a blog post.

Share your knowledge on your specialist area and demonstrate your expertise. Don’t worry that if you write more than one post per subject you’ll be repeating yourself, people expect you to talk about your specialism.

Testimonials are good material for blogs and they work both ways. Post a testimonial with a case study of that client, it demonstrates what you do well.

Also post testimonials for your suppliers and outline how they helped your business. It helps people to see how you operate and shows you value others.

Finally, don’t beat yourself up if you don’t blog daily or weekly or it will become a chore you never do!
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