If you know how to use it effectively email marketing can be a powerful way to create ongoing sales. 

If you’re on any of the ‘big boys’ lists you’ll get regular emails promoting the latest products they’re offering.  Tescos, B&Q, Wilkinsons, etc. all email their subscribers regularly to let them know the latest offers and promotions.

So if you’re not a ‘big boy’ how do you get a list of people who have demonstrated an interest in what you offer and given you permission to send them information?

Something for nothing

We all like a freebie, especially if it’s something useful.  Regardless of what your core product or service is, you have a wealth of information that could help potential clients.  All you need to do is to create either a ‘how to’ free download or a slide series demonstrating something useful.

That’s just step one. 

  • Create a landing page where you can send people to download their free download with an opt-in form (that’s GDPR compliant)
  • Then you need to write an article that tells people about this free download
  • Find or create an attractive image that represents what your free download is about
  • Start the article with instructions on how to claim the free item – ask people to comment, maybe by asking them a question about their challenges around the subject area of your article. Add how it will help people who download it and why it’s important information for them to have.  Repeat the instructions on how to claim their free item at least once more
  • Add the link to your download page
  • Load it on your LinkedIn account and publish it on Facebook
  • Post on all your social media in the first hour after the download goes live and your article is published to let people have the link to the article.

Building connections

Don’t forget to check into your LinkedIn and Facebook accounts and respond to comments if you want to build loyal followers.

If you really want to get more sign ups quickly, make it a limited time offer – and run it for a specified period – a week, until the end of the month, etc.

Adding value

Don’t forget to email your current list first to let them know about it – and invite them to share the link with their friends and contacts.

Consider investing a small amount in a Facebook ad campaign – you could be surprised at how many additional clicks you can generated with just £20-50.  And with a considerably bigger list that could be well worth the investment as some of them will buy your products later on.

You could also ask some of your close network to promote it to their lists too.  There’s nothing like giving other people a freebie to generate positive vibes!  Everyone wins.

You could also post the link in those Facebook groups that allow self-promotion.

At the end of the exercise your list should have swelled considerably.