A habit is something that you do almost without thinking about it.

  • We get dressed by habit (although we may consciously choose the clothes we wear).
  • We clean our teeth by habit (whilst we think about other things).
  • We even drive by habit (once we’ve got past that uncomfortable and sometimes scary learning process).
  • When you’re developing a marketing strategy for your business it’s a really good idea to develop marketing habits. This means that you have a plan and the more you follow it the easier it gets! Let’s look at some examples:

    Most people have an email ‘habit’ – attach your Twitter postings, retweets and comments to your email activity. Do your email and then your Twitter; soon it will be as automatic as your email habit.

    Have a set time of the week to do marketing activities so maybe writing a blog on a Monday morning before you do anything else, creating an email marketing campaign on a Friday afternoon and scheduling the messages.

    Think of your online networking in the same way you think about offline networking – you arrive at your networking meetings at a specified time and leave when the meeting is over, if you arrived at any other time there would be nobody there to network with, so make an appointment with your online networks regularly.

    Most of us are willing to invest 2-3 hours of our time in networking breakfasts, coffees, lunches and evening events – and often pay for the privilege, but are less willing to invest even two hours a week in our online networks. Choose a time when you usually find your attention wandering from work and refocus yourself on finding out what’s going on online.

    Get good marketing habits and your marketing will start to really work for your business.
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