notepad with writing my own book

There is a saying that everyone has at least one book in them.  However, most people never make the effort to get that book out.  What about you?

Have you ever considered writing a book?  You may have met other business people who proudly announce that their book is now available – or may even have a few copies in their briefcase to offer around.  So why not you?

3 reasons why not

When the issue of writing a book is discussed there are some very common reasons that are offered for NOT writing a book.

  1. ‘I can’t write for toffee’
  2. ‘Nobody will be interested in what I have to say’
  3. ‘I wouldn’t know where to start’.

Let’s dig a bit deeper.

You don’t have to write to create a book

If you like writing and enjoy getting your thoughts down on ‘paper’ (even if it’s digital paper), skip to the next heading, but if this sounds familiar, then stay with me.  There are many ways of getting your ideas from in your head into written format.  You can:

  • Hire a ghost writer
  • Talk and record your ideas for transcription
  • Dictate live to someone who will tidy your words up and capture your tone and style
  • Do bullet points for someone else to develop
  • Gather notes, blogs, podcasts and video material together and work with someone else to turn it into a cohesive book.

These are all variations on a theme – but the crux of the matter is that you can write a book, with help from someone else.  And remember that even those people who do actually write their own text will need an editor to knock it into shape.

You’re the expert

If you’re running a business and have clients who are willing to pay for your expertise, you’ve got something other people need.  You may not be the only person with your expertise, but you are the only person who is YOU.  That means you have your own knowledge, experience and viewpoint to share – which is not identical to anyone else’s.

Think about it – there are dozens of chefs who all write cookery books – and we buy them, because we like their different approaches to the same subject.  The same applies to your area of expertise – you have a unique take on it.

There will always be people who are very interested in what you have to say.

Where do you start?

If this is the issue that’s challenging you – you’re right to believe that there is more to writing a book than just getting the words down.  You’ll have a number of decisions to make along the way:

Who is it for? Who will be interested enough to buy it?

Where is your market?  How will you put the book in front of them?

How will you publish the book?  Will you submit it to traditional publishing houses or go down the self-publishing route?

These are just the tip of the iceberg.  Planning a book is more than deciding your chapter headings, you’ll need to do some marketing too – even if you get a contract with a publisher.

Yes, it all takes time – and you will have to decide whether you want to make that investment, but it’s a huge marketing tool and sets you ahead of your competition as a published author.

If you want to start planning your book download the Pipedream to Proposal worksheet here.