When someone lands on your website where do they go? If I’m hearing you saying that they can choose to go anywhere on the menu, then you’re not using your website properly.

You decide on the journey you want them to take and then lead them by the hand (or the mouse)!

So your home page is where some of them start – where do you want them to go next? Services? Products? Don’t leave them to have to make a decision – tell them where to go next and give them a hyperlink (or, at the most, two) that makes it easy for them to get there.

You should do this exercise for every page – where do you want them to go next? Last para should tell them what to do – and give them the means to do it. So don’t expect them to search for your phone number if you say ‘call us now for more information’, say ‘call us now on 01234 678910’. If you want them to email then the instruction should launch an email already addressed to you.

The menu is great for people who want to explore, but most people don’t want to waste the time – they want to get what they came for – and quickly, so don’t make it hard for them!
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