Usability is about how easy your site is for people to get around, find what they want, get from a to b with the least effort.

Typical web users are lazy – and impatient! That means you and me too. I’m not trying to be insulting, but think about it:

When you’re waiting for a website to download, how many seconds is it before you start tapping your fingers in impatience and sighing a lot? What’s your opinion of that website’s usability?

When you’re faced with a website that you don’t get to work the first time you try something, how much effort are you prepared to put in to work out how the website owner wants you to behave? Do you think they’ve considered usability?

No, I didn’t think so!

So, what about your own website – how does it measure up for usability?

How much effort do people have to put into understand what the website will deliver?

How fast do they get your message?

Is the headline right where they’re looking?

Is the menu where they expect it to be?

Is the column width comfortable for reading?

Are the paragraphs short and easy to read?

Does it deliver the message that they want (not the one you think they should have)?

When you ask them to take action, how easy do you make it for them to do so? E.g. is the phone number right next to the ‘call us’ instruction? Is the explore our services now a link or do they have to scroll back up to the menu?

Usability affects every aspect of a website from the look, to the position, to the message and information on offer. Check yours out; poor usability sends your visitors running for an easier to use website – and they don’t come back!
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