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The first time I heard this phrase was on a tele-seminar more than 20 years ago, so it’s not new – but it’s still the most common mistake people make.

Take a look at the websites of the people you network with – you’ll quickly spot which ones are professionally written, because they’ll be written with the reader in mind.

Here are a couple of examples (with the names changed to protect the innocent!) and a better alternative:

Example 1

About us

‘Established in 2011, Supersonic Home Transformations, is a family run business with 30 years combined industry experience operation from a stunning showroom in Hamtown.

Our commitment to customers is delivering professional, affordable, creative solutions on every single project we create. This ethos has enabled us to expand our services throughout this county, that county and this region.

This is the first content on the home page – so it’s not only about them, but it’s not the kind of message that a new reader is looking for.  They’re not interested in how the business is run or that they have a stunning showroom.  This is a more engaging message.

Transform your home

When your home needs a facelift or your family is expanding and you need to upgrade your facilities, why don’t you come and talk to us?

Pick our brains for ideas and suggestions drawn from our many years of experience.  And you can rely on getting professional, affordable and creative solutions designed specifically for your home.

Book your phone chat right away or pop into our showroom at [location].

Example 2

Est 1895 Superb Solicitors is a modern law firm with traditional values!

Superb Solicitors based in Moretown and established since 1895 is a dynamic law firm with a professional and practical approach to dealing with business and personal legal affairs.

Our Moretown based solicitors have the depth and breadth of legal knowledge in our specialist areas to meet all your legal requirements.

We are confident in our approach and the commercial edge that our advice will give. We provide a unique and compelling legal service to our clients.

We are very pleased to announce that we recently merged with Legal Law Solicitors in Neartown, specialists in employment law and litigation and are now able to offer our clients an even more comprehensive service.  Whether you are looking for solicitors in Moretown, Solicitors in Neartown or further afield we are ideally placed to provide you with a professional service.

While this firm do have all their divisions at the top of their home page, this is the first content.  It’s all about them and is clearly written for SEO.  In addition, there is a typo and inconsistencies in capitalisation (yes, I’m pedantic!)

The four paragraphs start with the company name, ‘our’ and ‘we’.  Some of it almost sounds boastful, rather than confidently professional.  There’s a lot of information that may not be useful to someone who has just arrived on the website.

Practical, professional and personal …

Visiting a solicitor is not a step you take without thought.  Whether you’re looking for legal support for personal issues or you want professional advice for your business, we have dedicated professionals in each of our specialist areas.

You’ll find a sympathetic and knowledgeable legal professional ready to give you the advice and support you need.

There are thousands of websites that suffer from the same problem – and it’s all a matter of positioning.  Check your own site and see if you could reposition your message to be more appealing to your reader.