Your website is part of your marketing – as is your business card, flyers, email signature, proposals – in fact, anything you give to people outside your business in either paper or electronic form. Have you got all your material consistently developed to market you?

What’s your key message? Is it on everything? Does it tell people what you deliver for them?

There are lots of ways to market – and I’ve just added another to my portfolio. I’ve got involved with someone else’s marketing – joint ventures really are a win-win situation! When someone else says you’re good, it’s much more powerful than saying it yourself.

Hannah McNamara has written a book, Marketing for Coaches (which actually has some really good stuff that can be applied by anyone, no matter what business they’re in). She’s practising what she preaches and has developed an amazing bonus package to promote her book by getting lots of people to join her in a joint venture.

She gets a fantastic package for her readers worth £1,730/$2,600 – and her joint venture partners get exposure to potential new clients.

If you’d like to see what the package contains you can find out on Hannah’s website – and if you want that fantastic value it will cost you less than £15 for the book (but only from Hannah, not from anywhere else).

What joint ventures could you create that will market you as well as Hannah has done?

P.S. My bonus contribution is access to a free teleclass on 28th May, which you can sign up for at a cost of $27 (around £16) – so it makes sense to buy the book and get a lot more for your money!
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