It’s no good having great web copy when there are no visitors.  And it’s no good having lots of visitors coming to your site and if they take one look and leave again.

The two need to work together – the key word experts find out what people are searching for in your business area and then identify three or four key phrases or words that need to be included in the web copy.

Then the copywriter goes to work to write readable copy that focuses on those key words.  It’s no good stuffing the headline or first paragraph with all the key words; these days search engines are more sophisticated than that.  the secret is to have good strong copy that gets the message across and features the key words in a natural way.

There is a third element to all this – how this fantastic web copy is put on the page to create a strong link with the visitor as soon as the page loads.  Even good readable copy can be made unreadable if the presentation isn’t right.