Recording a video on a smart phone

There are so many success stories for people who have started out posting quirky videos and now make a small fortune as professional ‘YouTubers’.  Some of them have got so famous that they’ve become mainstream celebrities. 

That’s what you want for your business – not necessarily to become a famous ‘YouTuber’, but to attract that level of interest for your business.  So how did these people do it?

For many of them it was an accident.  They started posting their videos and hit a demographic that really liked what they posted and started following and telling their friends – and the channel went viral.

But that doesn’t mean you need a happy accident.  You do need to know your audience though. 

  • What will reach them?
  • What are the problems they want to solve?
  • What do they want to learn?

That will give you the content focus. 

The next step is to make videos that will not only deliver the content, but will also entertain and has a personal spin that will make your take on things unique.

What equipment do you need?

You don’t need a posh recording studio and state-of-the-art equipment.  You do need to be able to record video footage that is appealing and interesting though.  Shaky, faded footage won’t work – you’ll need to be able to create clear video, even if you’re using your smartphone.

These days most smartphones will outperform the old video cameras that were considered top end 20 years ago, so they will do the job.  When you’ve gained a following and started monetising your channel you can invest in more sophisticated equipment.

You’ll benefit from learning how to do basic video editing or find someone who can do this for you on or one of the other freelance platforms.

You can use programs like or to make informer videos.  These platforms allow you to use images and video clips, which can be your own original material you upload or material from their libraries.

I’d advise that you use your own voice if possible, even if you prefer not to appear in the video yourself.  It will help people to feel that you’re a real person talking to them directly, rather than a corporate producer.

Style AND Substance

You may have heard people referring to something as ‘Style over substance’, which usually means it looks good, but there’s nothing worth having when you take a closer look. 

In other words, your presentations must have great value – but style is still important.  It’s what will make you stand out from your competitors and give you a better chance of going viral.

If you want to make videos that are worth watching you’ll need your own style – and that will need to be consistent.  If you’re not a natural video presenter it’s worth spending some time planning both the content and how you can put your own spin on it.

What creates style?

I know people who always wear the same colour shirt, dress head to toe in purple or wear statement jewellery. 

The way you talk about your subject can also create a unique style.  Think of radio and TV presenters – whether it’s the acerbic outspoken approach of Piers Morgan or the ditzy approach of Zoe Ball.  They’re memorable and that’s what you want.

Invest time in thinking ahead and planning and you’ll create videos that get watched to the end.