Getting press coverage is Nirvana for most businesses, it’s a way to get your name in front of a whole audience who don’t yet know you – but it needs dedicated persistence, luck or investment of a substantial amount of money.

However, there are many ways to expose your business to new audiences, that are more accessible than the national dailies or big glossies.

Industry journals

If you know the publications – whether print or digital – that your target audience reads, you may find it much easier to get published in those.  Most industry publications are always looking for good content to engage their readers.

You’ll need to have a plan of action to contact the publications you’ve chosen and, ideally, email your proposal.  You’ll need to give them a title and a short summary of your proposed article – not the whole article until they’ve agreed.

Two tips – never submit the same article to more than one publication.  You can rewrite and retitle it, but duplication won’t do your reputation any good at all.

Find out their deadline and word count and stick to them.  If they ask for 600 words, they don’t mean 750.  If they want it by a specific date, deliver it on time, or before.

Local radio/TV

Local radio stations are often open to having guests to talk about specialist subjects.  Listen to your local stations and find out what kind of content they feature, ideally when your audience are likely to be listening.

Most broadcast media list ways to get in touch with them on their websites.  Contact either the show presenter or the producer and outline what you offer and how it will appeal to their audience.


Do a little research into the podcasters who are focused on the kind of people you can help and who interview experts.  They’re the ones that may be interested in your unique view on your specialist subject.  Most podcasts have contact information in the blurb.  Again you’ll need to outline what you offer and why their audience will find it interesting.


Unless you are an accomplished keynote speaker, standing up and speaking in front of an audience can seem daunting.  However, it’s a great way to expose your expertise to a relevant audience.

The best place to start is with your local networking group (or groups).  Most business networks offer members the opportunity to make a short presentation – typically 10-15 minutes.  This is an excellent place to show off your knowledge and expertise by sharing some useful tips and advice with your audience.

If you want to take it a step further, then take a look at the local business organisations (FSB, Chamber of Commerce, local branches of professional bodies, etc) and contact them with an overview of your presentation, your bio and an offer to come and educate their group.

Author a book

A book is a powerful business card.  It says you’re an expert and sets you apart from your competitors.  Most business owners have a wealth of information in their heads, gathered from years of experience and a book is an excellent means of promoting yourself (and your business).

If you’d like to know more about any of these subjects, please contact us for additional information.