Many of my clients ask me whether they should be posting on LinkedIn as themselves or their company.  The answer is both, BUT – unlike Facebook, where Pages get a lot of traffic, company pages on LinkedIn are less visible.

The pages that do get traffic tend to be the bigger organisations, institutions and associates.  Company pages on LinkedIn don’t get the same level of engagement that Facebook pages enjoy.  Does that mean you shouldn’t bother creating one?

No – do create your company page.  If you can’t find the ‘button’ – it’s under the Work icon next to your avatar on the right-hand end of the menu bar.  If you can see it, scroll down a bit and you should see it at the bottom of the drop-down.

Why have a company page?

If someone searches on your company name it means you’ll show up both on LinkedIn and also on Google.  LinkedIn rates highly on Google because the site has so much activity so you may find that if you search on your name and your company name your LinkedIn profiles will rate even above your own website.

When you have a company page you can pull the log from there onto your personal profile next to your current role.

It gives you a higher profile and allows you to post social media posts in more locations giving you a higher profile.

Where should your primary focus be?

If you’re investing time in LinkedIn to build your business remember that people buy people and are more likely to connect with you personally than to follow your company page.

When you’re messaging someone you’re less likely to do so if you feel as though you are talking to an organisation rather than a human being.

If you post an article on your profile then by all means put the link onto your company page and do take advantage of the showcase pages to outline your key products or services.

It’s hard to develop a relationship with someone who is ‘hiding’ behind a company profile so my advice is to use your personal profile to make contact with people.  By all means suggest they follow your company page too, but don’t get excited if you don’t have many followers.

Your personal profile is a powerful tool to make contact with the people who are likely to become your clients when they’ve got to know you.