Here’s one way to make your website more current and engaging – schedule new seasonal copy each month.  This may sound onerous, but it doesn’t have to be.

The secret is a little planning – have a monthly schedule set up so you know what the subject of your fresh content will be.  In some cases you can even write this material ahead of time and give it to your web people or someone in-house to upload on a specified date each month.

You’ll need to identify a small amount of copy to change.  Most websites have an introductory paragraph or two somewhere near the top of their home page – this is ideal.

Corporate v. personal

It doesn’t matter how big your organisation is, your reader is an individual.  The more you can speak directly to them, the better they’ll engage with your website – that means they’ll stay around longer, explore further, take more on board.

Here’s an example:


We offer highly professional accounting services to businesses of all sizes.  Ask us about Tax, Payroll services, auditing and anything to do with business finance.


When you need help with your business finances you’ll want someone who understands what you’re up against.  You’ll find our team are friendly, helpful and live in the real world.  Don’t be afraid to ask any question (even if you think it’s a silly one – we don’t expect you to be an expert in accounting stuff – that’s our job!)

That’s longer, but much more accessible and personal.

Now to change it up for different months:


The last thing you want to think about over the festive season is business finance – but now it’s January and time to look forwards.  If you’re planning to grow your business, let our friendly team help you to get your financial planning sorted out so you can get the year off to a great start.

Imagine how much better your connection to the reader will be with something tailored and focused on them.

Just changing a little piece of text once a month will make a huge difference to your website – and will put you ahead of your competitors.

And a small P.S.  When your website is due for an update – take a look at the copy throughout – is it reader-focused or all about you and your company?