While it’s really good for your ego to be able to say you’ve authored a book, there is far more to a book than a little halo-polishing!  A book is the fuel for so many other things that will benefit your business.

So if you have already published a book – or plan to do so – here are some of the things you can do with it.

A powerful business card

If you’re in discussion with a potential client, presenting them with a copy of their book (don’t sign it until they ask, unless you want to look pretentious), gives a message that you are a thought-leader in your field.

A marketing tool

Send copies of your book to companies you’d like to work with.  Having an author as a supplier or consultant adds a little kudos.  Also if they read it and like your approach, the door is already ajar – and it’s a good reason for calling, to find out if they received it OK.

A structure to underpin consulting

If you’ve written a book that describes a framework, blueprint, techniques or a process, this can become the structure for your consulting system.  Give it a name and it will start to become known as your signature system.

The material for training

Your book can be converted into training programmes that can be delivered either face-to-face or virtually online.  You can add massive value by teaching people exactly how to use your information and can even tailor it to individual clients’ needs.  You can convert the book into workbooks with exercises and examples for your delegates to do or discuss.

A keynote speech

Most professional speakers write at least one book to sell at the back of the room when they present.  But it works the other way too.  If you’re an author you can be asked to speak on the subject of your book at conferences and industry events.

A podcast series

It doesn’t have to be an audio book, but you can convert it to a series of podcasts where you discuss a chapter or section and elaborate.  You could also invite industry experts to join you in the discussion to add more value.

A video series

In addition to your podcast you can make short video tutorials around the subject of the book.  If you don’t want to appear on screen there are all kinds of other options, from images, video clips, animation and slides that can retain people’s visual interest while you narrate it.

That’s seven different ways to leverage your book.  Why do all that work just to sell a few copies, when you can use that to bring in more, and very lucrative, business?