deliver value

If your inbox is anything like mine, you really don’t need another newsletter.  If you are asked to sign up for a newsletter list, you probably won’t.  Yet people are really successful in growing massive email lists – so what’s their secret?

The answer is VALUE!

They get people to sign up to their list – not because they’re offering a newsletter, but because they’re offering something of enough value that people are willing to part with their email address in order to get it.

This is usually a digital document that offers information that the reader perceives to be of value – known as a lead magnet.  This has some serious benefits – it not only grows your list, but, providing you’ve positioned the content properly – the people who want it are your ideal clients.  By signing up for your lead magnet they’re saying ‘I want this kind of information’.  As long as your newsletter continues to deliver that kind of information they’ll stay with you.

If you receive a newsletter that consistently delivers great value you want to keep getting it.  If it’s a boring, tedious email full of uninteresting information about the company that is sending it (e.g. new premises, new staff, how many new clients they’ve got), you’ll probably delete or unsubscribe.

So every newsletter you send out needs to deliver great value.  My favourite newsletters sound like they’re talking just to me.  They’re chatty, often sharing personal information or situations, but ALWAYS give me information that is absolutely brilliant – whether that’s tips on how to construct a marketing email campaign, the best freelance graphic designers on Fiverr or how to use Instagram as a marketing tool.

Formal and corporate doesn’t work nearly as well as friendly and entertaining.

What about promotions and offers?

But the whole point of an email list is to be able to market your stuff, isn’t it?

Yes, but first you need to deliver massive value – then you’ve created that magical thing called ‘reciprocity’. 

When someone has signed up for your list they’ve said ‘I’m interested in your stuff’.

If you keep delivering good value – whether that’s tips, how to do something or how to avoid pitfalls – they’ll just love what you give them more.

As long as your promotion or offer is in the same ballpark, why wouldn’t they be interested?  So if you’re a massage therapist, you probably wouldn’t get far by promoting hairdryers.  But if you’re promoting great body creams or oils you’ll probably get some takers, especially if they’re the ones you use yourself and come with your personal accolade.

So – lead your newsletter with value, follow with your promotion and, if possible, add some more value before the sign off. 

Then you have a strong list that is worth staying in contact with.