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If you deliver products or services to other businesses (B2B) you may consider Facebook isn’t for you, but it’s an excellent platform for launching a subscription service as it offers some features that aren’t available on other platforms.

You can run a private group where only those people who are invited and approved can get in.  This means that there is the potential to deliver loads of value and people are prepared to pay for it.

  • With Facebook Live you can do live broadcasts – and then have them available in the group for people who can’t make the time/date. This gives members a library of valuable information.
  • In a private group you can answer member’s questions, allowing them access to your expertise.
  • You can create a safe place for people to fly their ideas, experiments with new things and get feedback from you – and from their peers.
  • You can create a digest of wisdom that you share a few times a week.
  • You can make special offers only to the members of the group.
  • You can introduce other experts to add even more value.

As long as you have expertise that other people want, you have the potential for an additional income.

Some people who have successful private groups also run an open group where there is no subscription – and use that as their sales funnel, so people who appreciate what they get in the free group are willing to pay a monthly subscription to get more in-depth information and support.

Plan ahead

If you think this might be something your audience will find of value, don’t jump in without doing some serious planning.

This kind of project usually fails when the owner can’t keep up with delivery. 

  • Before you start, draft out what you’ll be offering and the tools you’ll use to do that.
  • Put together a schedule of content – and allocate time to generate the content in your diary.
  • Set up a robust means of collecting payments – you’ll need either a direct debit system (such as Go Cardless) or set up a PayPal subscription.
  • Get comfortable with the tools (like Facebook Live) and how to record video live. Learn how to make explainer videos to post etc.
  • If you’re going to do live broadcasts choose a time when your audience is available – and you feel energised enough to deliver well. You might also send out email reminders for live broadcasts.
  • Post at different times of day to find out when you get most engagement. Alternatively, tell your members when to expect content. 
  • Be authentic and be human.

Good luck!