10 blog usesYou’ve heard the phrase ‘don’t reinvent the wheel’ – and this applies to what you write just as much as it does to anything else you do.  Trying to do many marketing activities can appear to be very time-consuming.

If you want to create multiple means of engaging with your target audience and potential customers, here are ten top tips to make your blog go further and short-cut the time and effort you need to create many connections in different places and different ways.

1.  Start by writing a blog about one of your key areas of expertise – aim for 300-500 words.

2.  Take 3-7 ‘soundbites’ from your blog and package them as tips for social media – they can be posted to your Twitter, Facebook Page and Linked In account using a management tool such as Hootsuite.  Don’t forget to include a link back to the blog and to save these for use again later.

3.  Send the blog out to your list as a newsletter, add a link back to the online blog with an invitation to comment and you can add your current offers or anything else you want to promote to your list.

4.  Create a PowerPoint presentation with visuals and record the blog and post it to YouTube and Slideshare.

5.  Join AudioBoo and record an audio only version and offer this in the groups and forums you belong to.

6.  When you’ve done a few of these blogs, put 2-3 together as a longer article and post it to the article marketing sites such as ezinearticles.com and on your Google+ account.

7.  Collect a dozen or so blogs and edit them into an ebook with each one as a chapter on a particular subject and suggestions for action at the end of each one.  This can be offered for sale on your website or as a free gift for customers.

8.  Create a 30 minute webinar based on the subject of the blog and invite people as free or paid for guests.  Use GoToMeeting to allow you to share your screen and show people what you’re talking about.  Alternatively you could create a Google+ hangout and invite people to discuss the subject around your blog.

9.  Print the blog as a branded article on good quality paper and send it – in an nice envelope with a handwritten address, to a dozen companies you’d like to work with or to people in your network who might recommend you.

10.  Turn the blog into an infographic (www.visual.ly will help you to do this).

There are more things you could do – but this will be more than enough to get you started.  If you just do 3-4 of these with every blog you’ll soon have an impressive bank of material out there on the internet marketing you whilst you sleep.