Once upon a time there was an article.  The author had written a great 500 words to publish on their website’s blog, but then, like the fabled cat, the article was reincarnated many different times.

Life 1

The blog appeared in written format on the author’s website with a nice image (or two) to make it look attractive. 

Life 2

As the blog featured some of the business’s key words and phrases it became a search engine magnet to attract high ranking for those phrases.

Life 3

The article appeared as the lead item in the business’s newsletter – delivering loads of value for the reader and leading the recipient back to the company website.

Life 4

Bits of the article were used to populate social media posts – on LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Life 5

The article was posted on the author’s LinkedIn profile as an article, giving them credibility and showing off their expertise.

Life 6

The article was put together with two other articles on the same subject to create an ebook, featuring great tips.  This was then offered as a lead magnet in the form of a free download to grow the business’s mailing list.

Life 7

The article was rewritten and offered to an industry journal popular with the company’s target audience.  It subsequently appeared and got lots of coverage on the publication’s social media too.

Life 8

The article was chopped into sections and used as the focus for an email campaign promoting the company’s services, giving value alongside the promotion.

Life 9

The author got busy and turned the article into a video to load onto their YouTube channel adding another level of exposure to their shared wisdom.

And so the company that the author or the article worked for received many new customers and gained a reputation for being the industry guru in their business.