There’s a saying that suggests if you want the most efficient way to do something ask a lazy person – they’ll find the shortcuts and remove time-consuming activities along the way.  This is my lazy blogger’s guide.

Firstly, are you a talker or a writer?

If you’re a talker then record your blogs as MP3s (you can do this on your phone) and have them typed up – or use voice recognition software.  Better still upload the MP3 to your blog as a pod-blog.

Remember your blog doesn’t have to be long – 300 words is enough.

In either situation- writing or talking – the challenge is often more about what to write (talk) about – and there are many ways to generate ideas.  Here are my top five:

1: Questions clients ask – use a question as the focus and simply explain:

  • Why the issue is important
  • What the impact of the issue is on the client’s business
  • How to solve the issue
  • What the outcomes will be from fixing the problem

2: Case study – outline a client’s situation, what the problem was, how you solved it and what they said about the solution.

3: Top tips: your top tips on something relating to your business.

4: Biggest mistakes people make: something people do that you know how to fix.  Usually this kind of blog can be titled The 3 biggest mistakes business owners make’ with the subtitle ‘and how to avoid them’.  It can be 3, 5 or more (odd numbers work better than even numbers).

5: A checklist or guide: A step-by-step process through something useful for your potential clients.

Have a system

Part of the challenge is making the time so my checklist is:

  • Write in batches so you get in the flow
  • Allocated time in your diary to write/record once a month
  • Have your subjects planned in advance to avoid ‘blank page’ syndrome
  • Bullet point each blog – for a podcast it will ensure you stay on track, for writing you’ll have a skeleton plan to work round.

If you really don’t want to record or write, get a good copywriter who will discuss your proposed blogs and write them up from your discussion.