People wail ‘I don’t have time to blog’ – but they still want to get their website featuring well on the search engines. Content will always improve your rankings, providing you have used the right key words.

I know that everyone isn’t a natural writer so here are a few ways to get more profile without writing hundreds of words.

  • Blogs don’t need to be long; if one paragraph makes your point leave it at that.
  • If you don’t write do a short podcast or video and load that instead.
  • Short of ideas? Comment on a news article that’s relevant to your business.
  • If you have a lot to say split it up into episodes and post over a period of time. Let people know it’s a series and they’ll come back for the next ‘episode’.
  • You can talk about the same subject more than once, especially if you’re an expert.
  • Don’t be afraid to post occasional special offers on your blog. Don’t be too ‘salesy’, explain why you’re making the offer.
  • Post testimonials you’ve received or create a case study; problem + solution + client feedback.

That should get you started and it gets easier the more often you do it!
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