I make no apologies for revisiting this subject – it’s important!

I keep visiting websites that start their home page with ‘We are … a family company/expert carpet fitters/a long established company/dedicated to our customers/etc. etc. What’s wrong with that?

I don’t want to know that!

We’re all proud of our background and expertise, but if someone has just found your website they are probably looking for something – you need to tell them that they’ve found the right place. If they already know you – they probably know all that already!

Why have you got a website? Is it simply because everyone else has one? I hope not. If you’ve invested in having one designed and created, then you need to make it work for you – and pay your investment back, then start making a profit. Why would you do something that doesn’t help you to make a profit?

Understanding what you want the website to do is the first step. Understanding what people are looking for when they arrive there is the second step.

Know what their issues/problems/challenges are – and make sure that the message they get right away (that’s your headline) tells them there’s a good chance your website will deliver what they want!

If you think they’re going to read their way through your website to find out what they want to know – you’ll be disappointed. When you’re looking for information online, how long do you hang about if you can’t see something relevant right away?

I rest my case! Decide what you want it to do and then make every word work towards that end.
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