There are several elements that go to make marketing copy successful. They all need to be addressed to enable marketing copy to succeed in generating warm leads that will build your list of interested people and your customer order book.

You need to get your reader’s attention. This means that you need to know what people want and ensure your copy delivers what they’re looking for. This takes research and a real understanding of your target market. No matter how unattractive this task is, it’s critical. Element one in the equation is Research.

Everyone can write – well, we can all put words together on paper (or the screen), but does that mean we can market our businesses effectively? I’d say ‘no’. No matter how well you write, you will find being objective about your business is almost impossible. We all know too much about what we do and have a strong tendency to want to tell everyone ALL of it! That means the second element in the equation is Objectivity.

What else makes marketing copy work? It needs to be easy to read so that your reader doesn’t have to work hard to get your message. That means no long complicated sentences and no confusing words. So the third element in the equation is Simplicity.

Another essential to great marketing copy is to keep it to the point, so no excess verbiage (extra words) and ‘fluff’ getting in the way of the reader getting the message. So the fourth element is Clarity. Know what you want to say and say it – make your message crystal clear. Don’t take your reader’s eye off the ball or they’ll disappear without taking action.

This is getting to be a long equation – but it’s all part of the process that produces great results!

Element five is Benefits. Most of us buy things because we can see what they’ll do for us – so you need to help people to visualise what life will be like when they’ve got your product or experienced your service. Emotional connections sell, no matter how ‘corporate’ your business is, you’re still dealing with human beings.

Then there’s the sixth element – Presentation. How do you present your message to your reader? Is it easy for them to read? Are there things that will keep them reading?

Finally, the last element is Action. If there’s no call to take action, many people won’t do anything.

So here’s your equation that will get your marketing copy on target:

Research + Objectivity + Simplicity + Clarity + Benefits + Presentation + Action = Results!
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