What is a blog? Well, it all started out as an online journal – think Star Trek ‘Captain’s log, stardate June 21st 2315’. Online logs were called ‘web logs’, shortened to ‘blogs’ and that kicked off something that started as a personal journal of events and became a huge source of knowledge, information, humour and reputation building content.

So what should you write on a blog? There isn’t a definitive answer – you can write whatever you want to write, however, if you’re writing for a business audience you will need to consider how you can add value for your readers. If you don’t, they just won’t bother to read more than one or two.

Like your website your blog must have a purpose. That can be to:

  • Share your expertise
  • Comment on relevant topics
  • Create a community
  • Entertain
  • Be controversial on your specialist subject
  • Raise awareness of a particular topic
  • The important thing is that you know why you’re blogging – and what you’d like to achieve from it.

    So how often should you blog? That’s entirely up to you – some people blog once a month, others daily. Consider what you’ll need to do to keep your audience engaged and how you’ll let them know when you’ve posted a blog. There are many ways to do this some automated like RSS feeds and some manual like posting links in Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn etc.

    What happens if you’re not a great writer? That’s easy, these days you can post audio files, video clips, pictures – don’t let a little thing like that stop you!
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