There’s no doubt that along with the aftermath of the pandemic and due to the knock-on effects of the situation in Ukraine there’s been a serious impact on the global economy.

Higher costs will affect businesses too – most businesses can’t survive without power and the increased cost of living means that employees will be hoping for pay increases to keep up with inflation.

But what about your customers?

They’re also suffering from the same issues as you are and their priorities may have changed.

All you have to look at are the personal goals of people over the years.  2018 showed the top three goals were:

  1. Stop or reduce drinking alcohol
  2. Eat healthier
  3. Change/improve my job

Nothing changed in 2019 and 2020 with the same top three, but then something happened and in 2021 the top three goals were:

  1. See family and friends
  2. Learn something
  3. Read more

Those are individual goals, but you can be sure that businesses have also changed their priorities.  Many businesses had to either close or change the way they operated.  Some reopened, but few are experiencing ‘business as usual’.  That means that the things that are important to the business owner will have changed.

You ideal client profile may have had certain issues – but are those issues still a problem? 

It’s time to talk to your clients about what’s going on in their businesses, what’s changed and what’s important so you can ensure that what you’re delivering is helping them.  It may be that you need to adjust the services you deliver to be more relevant to today’s marketplace.