Most of us think of our online ‘presence’ as our website, but have you considered all the other places where web copy with your name and brand attached appears?

  • How many social networking sites are you on? Does the web copy present you professionally?
  • Do you have a separate blog to the one on your website?
  • Do you contribute web copy to other people’s blogs?
  • How often do you write articles on your specialism and what do you do with them when they’re written? This is valuable web copy that can be placed in many different places.
  • How do you appear on Twitter or other micro-blogging sites?
  • Do you have a list of interested people to whom you can send useful information of value – and, occasionally, marketing information?
  • Your style, professionalism and expertise are all represented in every piece of web copy that you write. How well is your online presence integrated? Think about consistency in both your message and in how you appear.

    And, if you’re not taking advantage of all these things – why not?!!
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