Many business owners think that marketing material is leaflets, flyers and brochures.  Yes, definitely, but there are many other items that could be included:

Your business card: cards have two sides and the reverse is an opportunity to let people know a bit more about what you offer.

Your website: unlimited space to promote your products and services, BUT remember that, just because the page can be as long as you like, it doesn’t mean you should ramble at length.  Write, then edit, then edit again until you have a concise series of statements that engage your potential customer and make them want to know more.

Social media:  Every post says something about your company and how you operate.  Don’t fall into the trap of thinking ‘it’s only Facebook’.  Just because Facebook is a very social platform does not mean you should say anything you wouldn’t like a client to read.  That means never criticising your competitors.  If you have nothing good to say, say nothing!

Your one-minute pitch: If you go to networking events, you’re often asked to make a short pitch, usually your name and business and a bit about what you do.  Don’t leave this to chance, always have one prepared.  If it’s a group you go to regularly, think of it as a progressive educational process – tell them something different every time, so they gradually learn more and more about your products/services.  If it’s a group you haven’t been to before, or one you only attend occasionally, make sure it gives people some answers to the ‘what’s in it for me?’ question.

Banner stands:  If you attend many events, conferences, business shows or some networking events (always check if it’s OK to display it) you may find a banner stand really useful.  Remember that anything below table height may be hidden so make sure your contact information is around mid-way and the bottom is mainly graphics/images.  A headline that attracts attention at the top is better than just your brand.  Just because you have a big space, doesn’t mean you should fill it up, people want to get the message quickly and easily.

Branded clothing:  Whether this is just a logo on your shirt, a T-shirt, overalls, a fleece or a complete uniform, it makes you recognisable.  If you have staff that wear your uniform you may want to remind them that, even off-duty, if still in uniform people will see them as belonging to your company and judge their behaviour in relation to the company.

Give-away items: pens, coasters, mouse-mats, umbrellas – the list is endless and a good promotional items expert will be able to suggest some unusual and memorable items.  However, pens may be old hat, but are still highly effective.  With a very few letters to play with – this will hone your editing skills to get your message into the minimum space!