It doesn’t matter how much traffic your site gets, if they don’t stay around for long, your website won’t ‘work’. So what makes your website sticky?

  • A headline that attracts attention, bold, big and interesting!
  • Pictures on the RIGHT of the copy, we read L-R, and scan pictures from top to bottom, then tend to read on underneath.
  • Aim for no more than 250 words of copy. You need some content on every page (for the search engines), but don’t overload your human reader.
  • Write for the reader, not yourself. Know what they want to know and deliver ONLY that.

And these are the things you should avoid.

  • Splash pages (that whizzy page that arrives before you get to the home page); they’re an obstacle between the customer and what they want.
  • Moving images; they stop people reading – and irritate them. If you have to have them they should only move once.
  • Too many options; ONE headline, not a patchwork quilt of boxes, hyperlinks and pictures.

Don’t waste money on getting traffic if your website isn’t set up to keep your visitors as long as possible.

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