Not everyone is a natural writer.  We all have our strengths, mine happens to be writing, but don’t ask me to tot up a column of figures, even with a calculator I can get a selection of not necessarily right answers!

If your strength isn’t writing, blogs can be a nightmare.  However, there are options if you want to ensure your website is content-rich and your reputation is shiny bright.

Get someone else to write your blogs

Whether that’s someone in your team who is more comfortable writing or a professional copywriter as an outsourced resource, it gives you a way of maintaining your content without stressing out over it. 

My advice is that you should always review what’s been written before it’s posted, to ensure it’s congruent with your values, beliefs and voice.

Do a vlog

If writing isn’t your thing, you could always talk to the camera and post a video blog or ‘vlog’.  Today’s mobile phones are so sophisticated that you can record high quality video on them.  If you’re going to do this regularly I’d recommend getting a little tripod to keep the camera steady. 

If your computer doesn’t have video editing built in take a look at Capcut, which has the advantage of being an app that works on your phone as well as on a desktop.  Then you can clip the bits at the beginning and end where you’re faffing about looking for the on/off button!

Create a podcast

If being in front of a camera isn’t your ‘thing’, you don’t have to be visible.  People are consuming more and more audio content and a podcast-style blog means they can ‘read’ while they’re exercising, doing the housework, travelling, etc.

Keep your podcasts energetic and ensure they’re easy to digest.   People don’t want to have to keep rewinding to understand what you’re trying to say.

Build a slide video

Create a series of slides with your bullet points on (remember PowerPoint and other slide applications are VISUAL aids, not verbal aids – so images more than words).  You can then turn this into a video by clicking ‘Record’, which allows you to narrate the slides expanding on the headline information.  This can be exported as a video file and uploaded to your blog.

Create an infographic

This is easy to do using a free tool, such as Canva.  It lends itself to step-by-step processes or a collection of data around a subject.  It is created as an image, but with text included and this can be uploaded as your blog.

The options are many – be creative!