As a business owner or a consultant your blog is where you show off your knowledge, expertise and experience.  It’s the platform where people who are looking for your kind of expertise can see how good you are – even before they part with any money.

Given the choice between an unknown supplier and one that clearly knows their stuff, which one would you choose?

Of course, a blog on your website has all kinds of other advantages:

It helps your website get seen by the search engine spiders

I have to admit that I imagine lots of little black 8-legged creatures running around the world wide web when I mention them, but every search engine reaches out and checks over the websites of the world to see if they’re worth ranking.  New content means that your website registers higher on the spiders’ ‘interesting’ scale, so they keep coming back.  If nothing on your site has changed since their last visit, they’ll just leave it longer before looking again.

It’s good for SEO

Providing the blogs on your website are relevant to what your company does you’ll be using the keywords that you want your site ranked for.  This aids SEO and helps to push you up the ranking (although there are lots of other things that an SEO expert will want to do to improve things even more).

It feeds your social media

Given that all the people you know aren’t going to keep rushing off to your website to see if you’ve written a new blog, it makes sense to promote it on social media and link back to your website.  You can take soundbites from your blog to post on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and use the image on Pinterest and Instagram.  These can be used more than once – as long as your blog is still relevant and isn’t topical.

It gives you material to use elsewhere

If you’re invited to write an article for a business publication – review your blog first.  You could have something that needs only a little editing already written.  Even taking a couple of blogs on the same subject and combining them would work.  You can also take a few blogs around a subject and edit them into an ebook that will help potential clients.

A blog written regularly can turn into a treasure trove!