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What’s the point of writing and sending out newsletters?  They should form part of your marketing strategy – and there must be a purpose that fits into that strategy for every activity.

Ask most businesses that send out a newsletter ‘What do you want it to achieve for your business?’ and the answers are often:

“To keep people informed about what we’re doing.”

“To promote our latest offers/products/;services.”

“Because we’ve always done it.”

Let’s ignore that last one – it’s not a good reason!  Reminding people you’re around contributes to your marketing strategy and if you don’t tell people about new products etc. then how are they to know.  But are these really the focus of your newsletter?

Make your newsletter work harder

Improve your focus. 

  • Who is on your list?
  • Are they actually potential customers or clients?
  • What do they want?
  • How can you solve their problems?
  • What would be of value to then?

And, ideally, how can you grow your list so more people who fit your potential customer profile join it?  However, that’s more about your sales funnel than simply the newsletter.

Deliver value

More people read a newsletter if it has something of value for them.  That means that you need to lead with something of value to them in order to engage their interest.

This might be a ‘how to’ article, a useful tip or an idea they can use.  Anything that will give them something useful that they can use.  This will encourage them to read your next newsletter, because they are expecting more great value (which, of course, you will continue to deliver).

TOP TIP: If you write a blog that shares your knowledge and expertise (like this one) use that as your lead article.  I only use the first 2-3 paragraphs and then link it to the actual blog on my website.

Unsubscribes v. opens

It may come as a surprise, but people are lazy and often simply delete unwanted emails rather than hit the delete button.  The real success of your newsletter is in the number/percentage of people who actually open the email PLUS the number of clicks on any links.  Any good email marketing platform will give you this information – in fact, most of them will email you an overview of your campaign shortly after it goes out.

IF not many people open your email and fewer still click the links – your newsletter isn’t working.

TOP TIP: Improve the subject line to improve the open rate.  ‘Newsletter September 2021’ is not interesting!  I use the title of the lead article as it’s already been written to get attention and engage.  Controversial statements, scarcity, time running out, existing news – anything that will intrigue the recipient and make them want to know more – can all work.

Remember, when you’re writing your newsletter – it’s not about you – it’s about the reader.  Give them great value, something to get them interested, thinking, engaged, impressed with your expertise – and you can also add your offers, promotions, etc – and they’ll be willing to open other emails from you as their perception is that you deliver great value.